NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Nashville Police are searching for a black vehicle after a pedestrian was hit and killed on Dickerson Pike. Instead of stopping, the driver fled, according to police.

The family of 43-year-old Anthony Pompa is still coming to terms with what happened, as investigators are hopeful someone will come forward with information after no witnesses were reported to have been at the scene of the incident.

On Saturday, Metro police put out information about an unknown black vehicle. Officials say Pompa was on the east side of the road when the vehicle struck him. The force of the crash caused Pompa to hit another empty vehicle before being found by someone passing by.

“Obviously, it’s been a tough pill to swallow I would say,” is all William Oppenheimer could say about how his brother died.

Oppenheimer explained that Pompa would often walk near the intersection of Dickerson Pike and Sunset Drive, where the incident happened.

“He lived in a group home off of Larkspur for probably the last nine, 10 months, and yeah he walked around there often,” explained Oppenheimer.

Dickerson Pike has long been considered a troubled spot for speeding traffic and pedestrian deaths. Pompa’s death marks 10 pedestrian deaths in Davidson County this year. Advocates with Walk Bike Nashville tell News 2, that at this rate, the city is set to outpace last year’s numbers. In 2021, 275 pedestrians were involved in some kind of crash in Nashville.

“Year after year after year, those kinds of streets, our pikes, and boulevards, that are four or more lanes, our streets with high-speed limits where pedestrians are killed, year after year after year. In the case of Dickerson, the numbers have been especially alarming and the bus route there keeps getting busier and busier,” explained Lindsey Ganson with Walk Bike Nashville.

Just steps away from where Pompa was found sits a cross, decorated with roses, representing another fatality that happened along Dickerson Pike. Oppenheimer says it’s a trend he sees too often working on the street.

“Unfortunately, working on Dickerson, it’s been almost two years we’ve been at that location and I know of at least three times previously, where the police have been to our office to look at our surveillance videos because of other hit and runs,” explained Oppenheimer. “Obviously that stretch of road, something’s got to change.”

Metro police are still looking for the suspect, as the family hopes the driver will turn themselves in.

“Anthony was a kind soul, was always there to help anybody, he just had a way about him that animals and people just gravitated towards him. He was full of life,” said Oppenheimer.

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Metro police say the black vehicle is missing a passenger-side mirror. If you know anything about this crime, you are asked to call Metro Nashville Police.