NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Stretching the dollar is becoming harder by the day, impacting some more than others.

Food prices have reached record highs, increasing 20.7 percent year over year across the globe, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

The latest increase reflects new all-time highs for vegetable oils, cereals and meat sub-indices, while those of sugar and dairy products also rose significantly.

A local nonprofit is feeling the brunt, where seniors are now getting half the amount of groceries for the same price.

FiftyForward – a nonprofit that supports, champions, and enhances life for those 50 and older – receives funding from Greater Nashville Regional Council to help seniors who live at or below the poverty level purchase groceries.

Kelly Donovan, the Program Coordinator at FiftyForward’s Donelson Station said they’re having to pare down on grocery lists considerably due to the rising costs of food.

“This month alone, I had several seniors where we used to be able to get their full list of groceries and we could barely get half,” Donovan said. “It’s exceedingly frustrating.”

Due to inflation, staff at FiftyForward is now limited in what they can purchase.

“Each one of them receives a $100 stipend to purchase any type of groceries they need, or we help by either delivering to their home, or they can come to the center as well,” Donavan said.

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Now, that $100 doesn’t go as far.

“The fact that we’re not able to provide them with these sustaining groceries and sustaining items in their household, it hurts our hearts,” Donavan said.

If you would like to help local seniors and FiftyForward, click on this link.