NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – With temperatures expected to drop below freezing Sunday night, Nashville shelters are preparing for their third winter weather event since the beginning of the new year. 

“We’ve had back-to-back snowstorms and then really cold, frigid temperatures ongoing,” said Glenn Cranfield, President and CEO of Nashville Rescue Mission. 

That’s led to dangerous conditions for anyone out in the elements.  

“The recent weather brought frostbite and hypothermia and all of that. So it’s very important for places like the Nashville Rescue Mission to open up and to allow them to come in and hope they come in out of the dangerous weather,” Cranfield said.  

 The Nashville Rescue Mission, along with Room in the Inn, the Salvation Army, and others are gearing up for more frigid temperatures.  

Metro’s Cold Weather Overflow Shelter is also opening its doors, even offering bus rides to individuals who need help getting there. Over a three-night span, the shelter housed nearly 140 people.  

On the other side of town, the Rescue Mission also saw an uptick. 

“We had over 800 men, women, and children [Saturday] and so we’re expecting even more of that in the next days ahead as the frigid temperatures continue,” Cranfield said. 

With so much demand, the Rescue Mission is in need of twin-sized blankets, XL and XXL coats, socks, gloves, and underwear. They are also in need of coffee.  

Even though the new year has already brought challenges for shelters, they don’t lack the motivation to keep going.  

“Talking with the folks, they are so grateful for having a place to go both in the daytime as well as night. They’re thankful for three meals a day, for a warm, safe place to spend the night and it’s that gratefulness that I see, that I experience every day that keeps me going,” Cranfield said. 

If someone needs a place to stay, Cranfield said they should go ahead and show up to the Nashville Rescue Mission. Between all of the city’s resources, he’s confident they will be able to find a spot for them.