NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —  A Florida space company is fulfilling the childhood dream of a late Nashville attorney by launching her cremated remains into outer space.

If you ask Megan Williams’ parents, they’ll tell you their daughter was always a very adventurous individual and had dreams of one day going to space. 

“Megan, when she was young, she was 10 years old, went to space camp and she always wanted to be an astronaut when she was very young,” said Megan’s mom, Juanita Williams. “That didn’t work out, but she was very adventurous and very strong-willed.”

Thanks to a Florida space company, Williams’ childhood dream was finally able to come true. On May 25, her cremated remains, along with 46 others, were launched from central Florida aboard the Celestis Company’s Ascension Memorial Spaceflight. 

Williams’ parents were there to witness the special event. The remains of those on board will be housed in a “1U Cubesat’ that will stay in Earth’s low orbit for nearly a decade before reentering the atmosphere in a special “shooting star” salute. 

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Before the launch, Williams’ parents told News 2 the final salute for their daughter, who died from a rapid battle with cancer in 2021, would be an emotional but rewarding experience. 

“They have a special launching area that’s closer than you would get anywhere else. So we’ll be able to see that launch, you know, and hear it and all that so I believe it will be very moving’ said Juanita Williams.