NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A restaurant employee continues recovering after being attacked on the job.

The victim, who News 2 isn’t identifying due to safety concerns, is scared to return to work following the incident that was caught on camera at Roma Pizza in Donelson.

The customer’s frustration sparked over a company policy after the employee requested to see confirmation of the to-go order from the food delivery app.

“She shows me a black screen there was nothing on it and so I said no I need to see the confirmation that she accepted the order,” the employee explained.

Surveillance video inside the restaurant showed the woman losing her temper, yelling, “It’s confirmed, give me my order! I’ve arrived here and already picked it up, give me my order.”

The employee said, “Finally she did, she confirmed it so I handed her the food. She knocked things off the counter, started cussing. I just told her don’t come back.”

Although the customer vowed not to, she returned not even a minute later with a man wearing a ski mask.

“That’s really scary there. He had his hands in his pocket so I was more focused on him because I thought he had a gun, asking me why I disrespected his lady then the next thing I know she maced me. I asked them to leave and then I got maced.”

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The couple took off in a black four-door Mitsubishi with tented windows and damage on the outside. The pizza parlor’s surveillance cameras pointed toward the gas station next door, and the confirmation policy was implemented after several orders were stolen from food delivery app drivers.

“They show you a screenshot of the order and they take the food but they never confirm it. We had five, six incidents where they stole the food but they weren’t in our parking lot. They were in the gas station so I pointed that camera at the gas station to see the car,” he said. 

However, he never thought the video would have to be used for an attack like this.

“My feeling is scared of course, big scared but the main thing is I want ’em caught so this doesn’t happen to someone else. She is outrageous. I’ve been in this business for over 50 years, she is the first one I’ve seen that outraged over something that’s nothing. So my first concern is to catch these people, prosecute them to the max.”

The victim was treated by emergency responders and a walk-in clinic, saying he is now on antibiotics for his eye.

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Metro police are currently investigating, and if you have any information, you are asked to call 615-862-8600.