NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Run Nash hosts a variety of races in Nashville, from the Turkey Trot, to marathons, half marathons, and 5ks, but now they’re in the race against time to replace their equipment before the group’s big race this weekend.

Run Nash’s trailer was stolen Tuesday night, according to owner and operator, Malain McCormick. It holds thousands of dollars worth of equipment used to host races in Nashville, including a professional sound system, an expensive timing clock, and tools to put together trusses. McCormick told News 2 she didn’t realize the trailer was stolen until Wednesday morning when she received a call from an apartment complex.

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“Just shock. I didn’t think this would happen to me. I’ve heard of other people getting their items stolen, but I thought we were covered, and it was protected,” McCormick. “I was very shocked to hear that it was stolen.”

The trailer was eventually recovered, but most of Run Nash’s valuable equipment was still missing, totaling around $10,000.

“They took their time and figured out what was valuable and what wasn’t valuable to them,” McCormick said. “Funny enough, they stole branded banners, so if you see some signage out there of somebody putting on a race that’s not us, those are our start and finish line banners, our mesh banners, and our inspiration banners we put throughout the course.”

The theft couldn’t have happened at a worse time, just days before Run Nash’s marathon, half marathon, and 5k races.

Run Nash posted on social media asking the runners in the race for understanding, but they got something better – the community rallied around Run Nash to help.

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“Everyone has come together to make sure holes have been filled, signage has been reprinted, it’s being shipped, equipment has been reordered, and we have vendors who have stepped in and given us great deals on rentals for equipment we may need,” McCormick said.

“That’s what I love about running events and the running community is no matter what, they’re just out there to have a good run. They’re not running for banners, they’re not running for bananas, they’re just running for the sport of running, and it’s a really receptive and welcoming group of people, and I knew that they would be understanding even if we had some missing elements this weekend.”

McCormick still expects the race to be an amazing event. For more information, click here.