NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Drivers are fed up with dodging rocks and cars as the road deteriorates on a stretch of Briley Parkway.

Visibility is low in the area east of Gallatin Pike on Briley Parkway East, as a cloud of dust fills the area and rocks pelt windshields. It’s an issue drivers say they have been dealing with for weeks.

“I’m always having to deal with rocks flying in my windshield and rocks flying in my hood,” Josh Garton told News 2.

He is one of many drivers that is a victim of the deteriorating stretch of road.

“It just creates this big dust pile that people have to drive through and now it’s rocks and pebbles and it’s causing a lot of issues on the road,” explained Jonathan Blocker.

Drivers are often left dodging the rocks and other vehicles.

“If you are really not prepared for it, like the guy in front of me this morning, you know swerving or hitting your breaks…it’s a dangerous situation,” Blocker explained.

The mess left Blocker and Garton with cracked windshields.

“It’s frustrating. There’s all that debris and people are trying to dodge the rocks and they are swerving. It’s bad, it’s bad. Accidents are going to happen there for sure if they don’t get that fixed,” said Garton.

A TDOT spokeswoman tells News 2 they are looking into the issue, but believe it’s from wear and tear that’s gotten worse due to the recent weather, continuous plowing and heavy traffic. Crews swept the area Wednesday night, collecting as much debris as possible. They also put electronic message boards up to urge drivers to slow down and use caution in the area.

There are plans to get a contractor to repave that stretch of road as soon as possible. TDOT says work could begin next week, but that will be weather dependent.