NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Run, hide, fight. Experts say those are your options in an active shooter situation.  

However, some state lawmakers are looking into a whole new approach following the mass shooting at The Covenant School.   

“I have seen the same thing over and over. Nothing has changed in schools since Columbine,” said Matt Estridge, founder of the L.I.V.E. program. 

Estridge worked in homeland security in Washington, D.C. where he was a lead active shooter instructor for his counter terrorist agency.  

“There is a protection element, there is a defense element, a distraction in the room. What I’m doing is taking what psychologists have taught us in the tactics world,” Estridge said.  

And now he is taking it to the classroom. It’s called The Live Program, a training program that provides a step-by-step response in an active shooter situation before the police arrive.  

“What children and teachers can expect from this…there are 10 coordinated strategies in the room alone,” Estridge said. 

He said those strategies are not open to the public at this time. However, the program would also include implementing a security assessment in every school.  

In 2020, Estridge brought the program forward to state lawmakers including Rep. Debra Moody (R-Covington). However, in order to go live, the program is in need of a one-time $10 million grant from the state.  

“Programs normally charge from anywhere from $500 a person to $1,000 per person; we have figured out how to do that for less than a Starbucks drink,” Estridge said. 

It’s a big ask. However, he said the pressure is back on lawmakers after Monday’s tragedy.  

“What this is going to do is give people the knowledge for people to save themselves. No one can guarantee life. What has to happen for this to come forward? The governor has to want it,” Estridge said.  

Matt said the University of Tennessee is doing a pilot program as well as other academies in East Tennessee.  

He said the program works fundamentally for anyone, and it’s a life skill you can take beyond the classroom. He also said Moody plans to take it up in the State House soon.