NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — People living in Bellevue are wondering what’s next for one plot of land.

Over the last several months, News 2 has interviewed residents, councilmembers and developers about the Ariza Bellevue development.

“We’re just not being kept informed,” said Mike Armstrong.

Six months later, Armstrong is wondering what’s going on with this project.

“Metro Planning Commission, they send out notices,” he said. “It’s supposed to be up, but if it gets delayed, we don’t hear why it’s delayed.”

It was over the summer when Armstrong and many others heard about this proposed new development.

According to developers, the 44-acre project would preserve greenspace, expand greenways and bring a 417-unit apartment complex off Coley Davis Road.

“My biggest issue with it is the traffic,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong says their two-lane road can’t handle any more traffic, while other neighbors he’s heard from are worried about flooding.

“It use to be once every couple of years maybe the soccer fields would flood,” he said. “Now, every year there’s a flood, or two or three floods, that take out the soccer fields.”

In the past, developers have stressed their project would follow the 100-year plan, and they have worked on traffic studies and gathered info from TDOT.

“Everybody that I’ve seen online or heard from that is for it doesn’t live in the area,” said Armstrong.

As we move into a new year, Armstrong and many other neighbors feel there are just way too many risks involved with this development.

“An apartment complex that large, I think it’s just the wrong spot for it,” said Armstrong.

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News 2 did reach out to the developers, Cypressbrook Company, who provided us with this statement:

“We greatly appreciate the feedback we have received from neighbors concerning Ariza Bellevue. We take this input seriously and have worked hard throughout the planning process to address any community concerns. We continue to do so. This type of collaboration results in a stronger outcome for all, and we look forward to sharing even more improvements to our plans, based on community input, in the near future.”