NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The American Red Cross is assisting residents from 56 different units after three South Nashville apartment fires in a matter of days.  

On Wednesday, seven firefighters and three residents were taken to the hospital after a fire at the Foxcroft Apartments. Then, on Saturday, residents from 21 units at British Woods Apartments near the airport were displaced. Early Sunday morning, another fire broke out at Brentwood Place at the Arbors

Volunteers at the Red Cross have been working around the clock for 72 hours to help residents who have lost everything. 

“Your memories, all your heirlooms, anything that was precious to you, it’s gone. So it’s very heart wrenching,” volunteer Debra Alexander Fisher said.  

Despite the tragedy, the Red Cross has seen resilience from residents. Alexander thinks back to a 9-year-old boy she recently interviewed from the Foxcroft Apartments.  

“I asked him what did he think about the fire? And with our wonderful translators, because most of these residents were Spanish speaking, was that he lost all of his stuff, but that he was very thankful and grateful that his family and friends were safe,” Alexander Fisher said.  

The Red Cross says they can’t keep up with these needs alone and are asking others for help. They don’t need food or clothing, but are asking for anyone who can offer their time or monetary donations to step up.

“When they see the Red Cross anywhere, they know that one, it gives them a little hope that there’s somebody there that cares and two, they know that’s where they can go to get help,” Alexander Fisher said.

For information on how to help, visit the Nashville Area Red Cross’ website here.