NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — West Nashville’s Brookmeade Park remains a source of controversy, as a local group continues to push for the unhoused residents to be relocated.

Reclaim Brookmeade Park is a large community group that has worked for more than a year to restore the park to the way it was before the encampment.

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Group leaders stressed that they are not against unhoused residents, they only want to provide them with resources to get out of the situation.

Several people told News 2 that the park has become known for drug activity and other criminal activities.

The city has placed a fence at the entrance of the park to prevent people from going inside, but people living in the park go around it.

To help gain more awareness of the lack of resources, the group is hosting a rally at 5 p.m. on Friday, September 9.

District 35 Metro Councilman Dave Rosenberg sent News 2 the following statement regarding the rally:

“Nashville has a problem with homelessness, and it is visible at sites across the city including Brookmeade Park. Brookmeade is unique only in that people who prefer to ignore homelessness now see it. The solution to homelessness isn’t shipping off those who don’t have a home, as members of this group have suggested, nor is it killing them, as one of their supporters suggested to me. It’s providing services, including mental health and addiction services, and access to housing. None of that can be accomplished by shutting down Brookmeade and dispersing its residents into nearby neighborhoods. It took a long time to get here, and a solution will not happen overnight. I’m grateful for the less vocal but compassionate members of our community who are seeking real solutions to help our neighbors. I’m also proud to have sponsored legislation bringing $1.2 million to Brookmeade Park for security and cleanup, sponsored legislation increasing Metro homeless services, and supported robust funding for affordable housing. Action is more than touring the park as if the residents there were tourist attractions.”

– Dave Rosenberg- District 35 Council member

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The group says they will continue to work on their mission to reclaim their park.