NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nursing communities across the country are reacting to the guilty verdict from a Nashville jury against former Vanderbilt nurse, RaDonda Vaught.

She was accused of administering a patient a fatal dose of the wrong medication during a standard scan at VUMC. She admitted to the mistake, but pleaded not guilty to the charges in 2019.

Vaught is now a household name within the medical community. On TikTok, #RaDondaVaught has over 43 million views and growing.

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Signaling backlash against Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk—from nurses to Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

“You had someone who made a mistake and they got charged with a felony and so if a physician makes a mistake now does that mean that Glenn Funk is going to go charge a physician?” House Speaker Cameron Sexton said.

The Tennessee Nursing Association is also speaking out against Vaught’s conviction saying: “The criminalization of medical errors is unnerving, and this verdict sets into motion a dangerous precedent.”

But DA Funk is pushing back, “This was not a case about a simple mistake. This was a case about gross neglect.”

Adding the victim, “Charlene Murphey was a 75-year-old woman who was supposed to receive a routine medical scan. Instead, she died because of the gross neglect of RaDonda Vaught.”

However, Speaker Sexton isn’t buying it. “I would be a little worried about it right now because, if you make an honest mistake, which I think the nurse did — Glenn Funk is going to take you to trial,” he said.

But House GOP floor leader, Rep. William Lamberth said there are high standards medical professionals have to follow. “There’s nothing really for us to do down here that I know of because it really comes down to the individual actions of that one person and the jury spoke,” Lamberth said.

petition on  asking for clemency for RaDonda Vaught has over 173,000 signatures.

Vaught’s sentencing is set for May 13.