NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Letters sent from medical professionals from all around the country before RaDonda Vaught’s sentencing have now been released.

In March, the former nurse was found guilty of negligent homicide in the case of a patient who died after she administered the wrong medication.

Many of the letters explained how overworked nurses and doctors can make serious mistakes when their patient count is high, systems fail, and hospitals do not have the right protocol in place.

Some blamed Vanderbilt’s system with one coming from a Vandy attending physician who worked with Vaught. The letter read in part, “We cared for so many patients together. What was notable, was the consistent high level of attention I saw her provide to so many of our patients and their families when we worked together. She was very conscientious and aptly cared for many complex patients.”

Not all the letters released by District Attorney Glenn Funk’s office show support for Vaught.

Letters from two nurses blamed Vaught herself, not the system. One reading in part, “I am sickened by those who have rallied around her as a hero. I thought she was a horrible anomaly, but now I think there are hundreds of thousands of nurses who must also be dangerous practitioners since they defended the indefensible so readily.”

The other, “I am a Registered Nurse in 100 percent total agreement with D.A. Glenn Funk on the RaDonda Vaught case.  Want to leave a comment as I am disgusted by nursing’s blame on the system for the gross negligence of one nurse.”

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On May 13, Vaught was sentenced to three years of supervised probation in a Davidson County courtroom. She also apologized to Charlene Murphy’s family at her sentencing.          

Vaught’s probation is to be served with judicial diversion, meaning her conviction could be dismissed following a successful probation period.