NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Former Vanderbilt nurse RaDonda Vaught appeared in a Sumner County court Wednesday morning following a perjury charge from two years ago.

The charge dates back to August of 2020 after Vaught went to Blue Line Gun Store in Gallatin to pick up two AR-15 Lowers that she had previously ordered from Palmetto State Armory, an American firearm company based in South Carolina. 

According to a Sumner County affidavit, Vaught completed Form 4473, which is a form required when an individual buys a firearm from a Federal Firearms License dealer, and declared that she was not under indictment for any felonies at the time of purchase.

However, at the time of purchase Vaught was facing one count of Reckless Homicide and one count of Impaired Adult Abuse, both felonies, after administering a fatal dose of the wrong medication to 75-year-old Charlene Murphy in December of 2017 which a jury later found Vaught guilty of criminally negligent homicide

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Documents state an employee at Blue Line Gun Store submitted the form to the TBI’s Tennessee Instant Check System (TICS) where Vaught was eventually denied. The affidavit states that after the denial Vaught then filed an appeal form which was submitted to the TICS again by a Blue Line employee. Court documents state Vaught left the store without the firearms and later called the business telling employees she had “some court stuff going on” and that “might be why she was denied.”

Vaught was expected to appear in a Sumner County court on April 27, but a new court date was scheduled for May 4. In today’s appearance, the Sumner County court agreed to reset the case with Vaught now expected to appear in court again on June 1.