NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A luxury bus service has rolled into Nashville and is already looking to expand its routes.

After originating in Texas ten years ago, Vonlane launched in Music City in November with the company’s first Southeast route to Atlanta.

The company calls it a “Private Jet on Wheels,” and Founder and CEO of Vonlane, Alex Danza, said the idea came from wanting to give travelers another option to consider.

“At that point, it really is a flip of the coin. Do I fly or do I drive myself? Both options are exhausting,” Danza said. “Both options are stressful. And so I said why can’t there be third option for people to travel in a very dignified, stress-free, easy way and have a first class experience?”

After a successful launch to Atlanta, Danza tells us Memphis is up next.

“It’s a real head scratcher for us that you folks in Tennessee can’t fly direct non-stop between your two big cities, so we’re excited to give people an option to get out of the car when going to Memphis and ride with us in luxury,” Danza said.

There’s no word yet on an official date, but Danza told News 2 that travelers can expect the travel be an available option in May.

The company partners with local hotels to serve as “airport terminals,” without the hassle of having to deal with the airport at all.

The luxury service will operate seven days week to Atlanta, with three departures on weekdays and two departures on the weekend.

Travelers from Nashville will get dropped off at the Omni in downtown Nashville, and four hours later, they’re dropped off just north of Atlanta in Buckhead at the Grand Hyatt.

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In what’s proving to be a consistent four-hour travel time to the Peach state, Danza said this experience differs from a traditional bus by making comfort a priority.

“So I married that idea with what we call a private jet on wheels,” Danza said. “We take a 45-foot motor coach that typically has 56 very small narrow seats with no leg room and a terrible bathroom, and we customize the interior and make it like a private jet.”

The price starts at $139 one-way if booked in advance, or $10 more if booked within seven days of departure. Included in the price is meal service, snacks, drinks, luggage and in-bus Wi-Fi.

From business to leisure travelers, Danza hopes to provide an option for everyone.