NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An East Nashville eye care shop reopened their doors this month after their building and eye ware were destroyed in the 2020 tornado.   

Inga Rudin said it took three years for them to officially reopen their doors. In fact, they opened on the three-year anniversary of the tornado earlier this month.   

“As soon as you stepped in, you were crunching glass. It felt like hopelessness, and you just felt empty when you walked through the location,” said Inga Rudin, optician for Resolution Eye Care. 

Resolution Eye Care sat in the path of destruction on Woodland Street.  

“It was a very long time to get back on our feet,” Rudin said.  

Three years later, they reopened their doors a few streets over, and now it’s out with the old and in with, “The tornado collection,” Rudin said.  

A line of over 200 glasses are now on display after they were salvaged in the rubble now recycled to be sold.  

“It is hard to look at them by the way; it is a little emotional if you will because it brings me back to the time we were at the other location,” Rudin said. 

However, the recycled eye ware is now part of a greater story.  

“And they can say, ‘We are wearing a tornado frame as well. It is part of East Nashville history,’” Rudin said. 

Ten percent of the proceeds from the tornado frame sale will go to help earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.