NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A new report by the Beacon Center revealed that most Tennesseans disagree with the idea that the state should be contributing funds to a new Titans stadium.

“The state and the team and the mayor sound like they’re going to propose the most expensive public spend on a stadium in the history of the United States. So, they’re going to get hard questions,” explained Councilman at Large Bob Mendes, who is also the East Bank Stadium Committee Chair.

In April, News 2 learned the project is estimated to be around $2 billion. At the time, House Speaker Cameron Sexton told WTN 99.7 that the Adams family, the Titan’s ownership group, was willing to put $700 million toward building a new stadium. The additional funds would be from Governor Bill Lee’s proposal of $500 million from the state, with the condition that the stadium have an enclosed roof.

The games and the sounds attract thousands from all across the state and beyond, but with the possibility of a new facility comes new questions about what it could mean for Davidson County residents.

“I think ultimately having the stadium here will help the city and bring a lot of revenue in, but I would be curious to know what that means for infrastructure, or what that means for the locals here. How does that benefit our schools?” said Jamie Kowel, a local resident.

The recent poll was paid for by the Beacon Center, an organization that has been opposed to funding the stadium. In the report, Tennessee voters were asked if they “approve or disapprove of the state putting up $500 million in funding toward a new Tennessee Titans stadium.”

The results showed 61 percent of Tennesseeans disapproved. Respondents in East Tennessee made up 69 percent of the vote.

However, another part of the poll caught the eye of Mendes.

“It showed 20 percent [were] undecided, and given the fact that the deal hasn’t even been announced yet, it makes sense, that there are that many people that are undecided. The job of the Council committee is to get people informed as much as possible so we can get rid of the undecided and people can decide one way or the other whether they think this is good for the city,” Mendes explained.

According to Titans President and CEO Burk Nihill, if a financial plan can be worked out by this fall, the new stadium could be ready for the 2026 season. News 2 reached out to Titans officials for comment on the recent poll and was told “no comment” at this time.