NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sitting in the pews of the legendary music city venue, Jennifer Vickery Smith proudly watched her son, Conner Smith, make his Grand Ole Opry debut.

“Afterward, we’re celebrating with friends and family and we’re all talking and I brought up how, what it’s been like through the years for moms to watch their kids take these steps of fulfilling their dreams,” said Vickery Smith.

That conversation sparked an idea and Vickery Smith left the Opry with the vision for a podcast, titled “Got It From My Momma.”

Conner Smith
Conner Smith (Courtesy: Jennifer Vickery Smith)

“I wanted to kind of dig deeper and find out more about the impact of fame on a family, how moms support their kids’ dreams, and the role of faith as you rely on your faith through the entire journey,” said Vickery Smith.

Each 30-minute to hour-long episode features a conversation that happened on Vickery Smith’s living room couch in Brentwood, discussing the balance of family, faith, and fame with the mothers of prominent musical artists and athletes.

After hearing the first episode, her son approved.

“He sent me a text that I saved that basically said, ‘I am so proud of you and I think that these stories are really going to encourage people in that they humanize the artist in a way that other interviews can’t do. I’m really proud of you, go for it’,” said Vickery Smith.

Vickery Smith was also the first person to interview Donna Kelce, mother to NFL stars Jason and Travis Kelce, after Taylor Swift was first spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs game. It was a happy coincidence that led to extra publicity for the podcast.

Got It From My Momma podcast
(Courtesy: Jennifer Vickery Smith)

“We’re not looking to make the headlines,” said Vickery Smith. “We did with the Kelce interview because of the ‘Taylor effect,’ but at the end of the day, I’m just wanting to tell inspiring stories.”

Guests so far have included the moms of stars like Thomas Rhett, Kelsea Ballerini and the Jonas Brothers.

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Vickery Smith said she hopes that the moms listening experience “me too” relatable moments, and the fans learn more about the backstory of their idols. The podcast has produced nearly 40 episodes and many more to come.

“What I know is that the Lord gives us more than we can ask or imagine, and this is a project that I feel like he placed on my heart,” said Vickery Smith.

Got It From My Momma podcast
(Courtesy: Jennifer Vickery Smith)

You can find “Got It From My Momma” on any streaming platform. Vickery Smith also broke the news to News 2 that she shot a television pilot for “Got It From My Momma.”

“It’s grown in a way that I really couldn’t imagine.”