NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A North Nashville pastor has a pretty ambitious goal, and he’s asking the community for their help and input this week. 

Pastor Curtis Bryant with Greater Heights Missionary Baptist Church said gun violence has gotten out of control, especially in Nashville. 

“What’s intended for security has turned into something very tragic,” Bryant explained. 

Now, he’s setting a goal to go an entire weekend in Nashville without any shootings. Although he doesn’t plan to hold this Cease Fire Weekend until the summer, he wants to start planning it with an open meeting this Thursday.

“It’s a strategy meeting for the cease-fire that we’re calling for during the Juneteenth weekend. It’s a simple approach to trying to get persons to not commit acts of gun violence during that weekend,” Bryant said.   

The idea is if Nashville can go an entire weekend without any shootings, perhaps weekends will turn into days, days will turn into weeks, and maybe even longer without senseless tragedies.  

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Although the event isn’t for several months, Pastor Byrant says they must start early if they hope to pull this off.  

“Come with the ideas, come with whatever resources you have that we can make this thing work. What do you see needs to happen this weekend? We’re doing our best to make it happen,” Bryant said.  

With Nashville’s deadly shootings already in the double digits this year, Bryant worries about the rest of the year if we don’t make reducing gun violence a priority.

“Weapons are intended for keeping safety and not to have such tragic events happen,” Bryant said. 

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The Cease Fire Weekend meeting will take place Thursday, Jan. 19, at noon, at Greater Heights Missionary Baptist Church.