NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Metro Nashville Police Department Violent Crimes Unit is trying to find the suspects in a Lower Broadway shooting.

Police say one of them shot a parking attendant while a little girl was in the backseat.

Metro police got the call to Fifth + Broadway around 11 p.m. Sunday. Surveillance video caught what appeared to be a fight over a parking fee.

This shooting is part of a spike in violence in downtown Nashville.

The driver of a red Chevrolet Equinox pulled up to the gate and according to police, tried to avoid the fee.

That’s when you the gate opened and a passenger shot the parking attendant, who hobbled away.

The 35-year-old victim made his way around the corner to the Ray-Ban store on Broadway, where Metro police found him.

Michael Boyd lives a few floors above the shooting at The Place Apartments.

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“It’s pretty horrifying, distasteful in every way,” Boyd said. “I heard all of the sirens last night and I didn’t know what it was because typically they come down on Broadway and I’ll be able to see them from our view.”

It’s also worrisome for musicians like Mike Odom who work late nights on the busy stretch of Broadway.

“I’ve been hearing a lot of different things like that is happening. I just keep thinking Nashville is changing a lot, and a lot of it for the worst,” Odom said.

And he is not wrong. From shootings to stabbings, to fighting, there is no shortage of crime to keep cops busy.

According to Metro police, violent offenses around downtown increased 55% compared to this time last year.

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“I think the world has been a little tense lately and it’s becoming a common occurrence that really needs to change,” Boyd said. “All our neighbors, you know, they were pretty high strung about it. They were telling everyone, just letting everyone know that everyone else is safe but they wanted to make everyone aware of what’s happening right below our building.”