NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Is your teenager a problem solver? Do you think they can come up with the next ‘big idea?’ One organization wants to hear from you – it’s called “Whatever it Takes,” and they are specifically looking for help from Nashville teenagers.

“We can’t pretend that ‘Shark Tank’ hasn’t had a big impact on this generation. They’re watching it and thinking, ‘Wait a second, maybe I can do something,'” said Sarah Hernholm, the founder of Whatever it Takes (WIT). “We are that organization that we do think you can do something.”

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That belief in teens is why Hernholm started WIT, and that led to hosting “hackathons” across the country.

These hackathons are day-long events with a group of teenagers working together to solve a problem. Some of the problems, for example are homelessness, mental health or the opioid epidemic. The teens “hack” a solution, craft their idea and then pitch it to a group of judges.

“Young people have really great ideas, they just aren’t always given the space to truly execute on them. This is a fun launching off point for them,” Hernholm said.

The students can also earn college credits and could win a $500 cash prize. In some cases, their ideas are actually executed.

“We joke around with our students, the adults have created the problem, so can you please come help us solve them,” Hernholm said.

Interested students can apply now to join the hackathon which will be on Nov. 12 at the Wond’ry. Applications are due ASAP and winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

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There is a fee to join the event of $300, but Hernholm said she doesn’t want that fee to hold anyone back from applying, because they have financial aid and several scholarships available.

Click here to apply.