NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —Smoking indoors may be a thing of the past in Davidson County.

Metro Council is debating an ordinance that does away with smoking and vaping inside bars and age-restricted venues. This does not include cigar bars.

Meanwhile, a new cannabis bar in Nashville may have to rethink its marketing strategy.

Smoking cannabis and tobacco is not allowed indoors at Buds & Brews; however, vaping is allowed.

The owner, Michael Solomon, told News 2 that many of his colleagues who own dive bars do allow smoking, and it’s all part of the experience.

“You come to a cannabis-themed restaurant, for cannabis-themed products, and you come to a dive bar for a dive bar. So, I think we are putting a square into a circle here, something that really just doesn’t fit,” Michael Solomon, owner of Buds & Brews.

Solomon said he would like the entire bill to be reconsidered.

Meanwhile, the sponsor of the ordinance, Jeff Syracuse, said the goal behind the ordinance is to protect musicians and hospitality workers from secondhand smoke.

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Syracuse said he is bringing an amendment forward – one which will exclude hookah bars.

“It really only impacts 20 or so businesses across the entire country and our out hospitality workers and musicians, who are the lifeblood of economic impact for the city. They deserve to have smoke-free and healthy working places,” Syracuse said.

Syracuse said he is also bringing forward an amendment to implement the legislation on March 1. He said this will give bar and restaurant owners time to designate a spot outside for people who do want to smoke.

On Monday, several council members released amendments to the bill as some are calling to grandfather in bars and restaurants that allow smoking and vaping indoors.

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This will be debated and voted on at Tuesday night’s council meeting before the third and final reading in October.