NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — Two state Republican lawmakers want to change the name of one of Nashville’s most iconic streets. They’re sponsoring a bill to rename a portion of Rep. John Lewis Way to President Donald Trump Boulevard.

The bill would rename the part of the road that stretches from James Robertson Parkway to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Many community leaders can’t believe anyone would want to change the iconic leader’s honorary street. They also say instead of uniting the community, it would only divide it.

Less than two years ago, Metro Councilmember Zulfat Suara and other city leaders helped rename part of 5th Avenue to Rep. John Lewis Way, creating a dedicated marker to honor the civil rights icon.

“We took a lot of time to do the name change,” Suara said. “We thought about Congressman Lewis’s connection to Nashville.”

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State Rep. Paul Sherrell and State Sen. Frank Nicely are sponsoring the bill. Both officials’ public offices are located on that very stretch of road.

The majority of people who spoke with News 2 said they are against the proposal, but one resident had a different opinion.

“I don’t care what name it is,” said Brando Eaton. “I want it to go back to 5th Street, because that throws people off when I’m giving directions.”

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Suara says if this bill passes, the city can’t do anything about it, because state law supersedes local ordinances.

To learn more about the bill, click here.