NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Dozens of cars were hit by thieves over the weekend in multiple Nashville neighborhoods. Metro police officials told News 2 that there were more than a dozen car burglaries in East Nashville’s Lockland Spring neighborhood and 14 reported in the Germantown-Salemtown area.

“Frustrated, disappointing,” Bradley Busenius explained, saying he was a victim. “Came out around 8:30 to find my window has been smashed and as I looked down the street saw a bunch of other people’s windows smashed.”

Shattered glass still littered his street on 5th Avenue North. His neighborhood was hit by thieves after a day of celebrating the return of Oktoberfest for the first time since 2019. Busenius called the turn of events a shame. 

“It is, and I was actually down there on Saturday and it was a fun event. Lots of people kind of seeing the neighborhood that haven’t probably been here in three years and to see how this neighborhood has grown and changed,” he said. 

The festival served as a sign of perseverance and unity following the devastation from the tornado of 2020 and the repercussions of COVID-19.

“Definitely a sour spot in a good weekend.”

Metro police confirmed 14 car burglaries along 5th Avenue North from Hume Street to Coffee Street, but Busenius believes there were around three dozen. 

“The whole entire neighborhood for four blocks, so just kind of a 20-30 minute span that no one heard or was able to do anything. It was only stuff they could really grab go through and throw on the ground,” he explained. 

Busenius said it’s a recurring crime in the neighborhood, pointing to the area’s close proximity to the interstate as a potential reason.

“[I] want this to kind of stop and have something be done about this. It’s just a shame what’s happening.” 

Neighbors say they would like to see more officers in the area. Metro police told News 2 they have started an overnight initiative in the North Precinct with officers patrolling areas that have been hit with numerous car burglaries.

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Officials with Metro police told News 2 they are also sending a detective to the neighborhood with hopes of finding surveillance footage of the suspects.