NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Planning ahead is key as we look ahead at the weather that is expected to come over the weekend. 

Right now, Office of Emergency Management teams are on standby and are watching while urging residents to prepare. 

“Just urging individuals to do all the things they need to be safe,” Chief William Swann told News 2. 

Weatherproofing your home, checking smoke detectors, stocking up on food and batteries and gathering supplies now is advised, in case you need to stay home for several days without power. 

“We are prepared and we are on watch. We are always alert and oriented and ready for what’s coming our way when we have the time like this there is no excuse,” he explained. 

With all eyes on the weather, Chief Swann hopes residents are preparing in an effort to keep drivers off of the roadways once the weather hits, not only for their own safety, but so officials can work. 

“If people could stay off the roadways, then it would allow NDOT and TDOT to actually do their job more efficiently and fluently, if we do get a big snowstorm, so they can clear the roadways,” said Chief Swann. 

It’s important, especially with the forecasted ice, so emergency vehicles can get around. 

“We ask also for patience. Of course, we get several, in just a six-day period we will catch over 3,000 calls as far as 911 related to fire and EMS, and then the police department will catch several calls as well, so we always ask for patience when the weather is there, but we will be there and give Class A service,” he said. 

The Chief added that they are hoping with Monday being a federal holiday fewer drivers will be out and that will help in clean-up efforts. 

Chief Swann admitted that it seems like we can’t catch a break, but said we always come out stronger and more prepared on the other end of events like this.