NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville father lost two of his children to violence in north Nashville within three months.

“For a family to have to bury two kids…Nashville, we have got to do better,” Larry Powell said.

Saturday night, Jawauntez Powell was shot and killed at a corner mart in north Nashville.

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Back in June his younger sister, Malia, was stabbed to death outside of a Walmart bus stop also in north Nashville.

Powell said crime in Nashville needs to get under control. He said no parent should have to bury their children three months apart.

“Violence is ridiculous in Nashville is ridiculous. The church is the most powerful institution on the face of the earth right now that can stop the violence through the Holy Spirit,” Powell said.

Both of his children were lost to violence in north Nashville – something he has been working to end for years as a Doctor of Ministry.

“Jawauntez was a committed son, a committed father, a committed older brother,” Powell said.

He added it was just recently Jawauntez celebrated his daughter’s first birthday.

“Paris [is] the only piece of Jawauntez I have left,” Powell said.

 It’s a piece he’s holding on to now.

“To see my son brought out of a store in north Nashville in a body bag in a truck, I wish that pain on no one,” he said.

Powell is now arranging his son’s funeral, nearly three months after he said goodbye to the daughter he helped raised, Malia. 

“Malia was a cheerleader and a very outspoken person; two lost souls that we have lost here,” Powell said.

He said his strength will come from above as he lays Jawauntez to rest right next to his sister.

“He would want it no other way. He loved Malia so much he had to go home to our heavenly father and check on her,” Powell said.

He will be preaching his son’s funeral on Saturday at Mount Zion Baptist Church.

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As for those who are responsible for the death of his children, a criminal homicide warrant has been issued for the suspect who killed Jawauntez.

Meanwhile, a 16-year-old girl was charged in the stabbing death of Malia in June.