NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A cleaning employee faces felony charges after police said he is accused of stealing nearly $5,000 worth of women’s shoes from a Nordstrom store in Davidson County.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred earlier this year. An arrest affidavit states a Nordstrom employee called police in July to report that he had recorded someone stealing four pairs of women’s shoes.

Metro police said the employee told officers that the retail value of the shoes were worth up to $4,885.00.

In addition, the employee also told officers that he knew the suspect because he worked for a cleaning company hired by Nordstrom to clean the store, and believed that the man had stolen shoes before this incident.

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According to an arrest report, the employee placed hidden cameras in an area without any surveillance to catch the thefts.

That’s when he observed the suspect — identified as 53-year-old Walter Starnes — taking new shoes out of trash bags on his cleaning cart, placing them into a personal bag, and then leaving the store.

Investigators reported that the stolen shoes were from back stock and not on the store’s floor. An inventory search later proved that the shoes were unaccounted for in the store’s stocks.

Starnes was taken into custody on Thursday, Oct. 26. The 53-year-old was charged with felony theft of merchandise and felony parole violation.