NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For the first time in a long time, the Clark family is feeling some measure of relief.

On Oct. 10, 2020, Jajuan Clark was found dead, after he was shot multiple times. At the time, Metro police called it a senseless and unprovoked murder. On Monday, after more than a year, Metro police arrested Clark’s killer.

“My brother was really a good guy, he was really down to earth, would give you the shirt off his back,” Jonathan Clark said, as he mentioned he likes to think of the good qualities that his brother had. “He was a man of peace.”

Jajuan was the baby of the family. Jonathan was living in Florida at the time when he found out about his brother’s murder.

“It came across Facebook […] and I said Lord please, don’t let this be my brother,” remembered Jonathan. He had just gotten home from a vacation when he saw the news on social media, but it wouldn’t be until days later that his fears were confirmed.

Police were called to the 5200 block of Hickory Hollow Parkway, near the Global Mall around 8 p.m. that fateful night. A driver had found Jajuan’s body in the road.

“I was just emotional because, you know, from the wounds and the impact of the shots, and he was trying to fight for his life. It was just very devastating. No one deserves to be shot, or yet killed by a senseless, violent crime. No one deserves that kind of death,” said Jonathan.

Jajuan was shot multiple times, in what police called a “random act of violence.” Immediately, his brother made plans to come back home to Nashville to be with his family. However, the pain he would soon feel was something he could never prepare for. Just nine days after losing his brother, his mother died in a fatal car wreck.

“My mom ended up passing the day of my brother’s funeral hours after leaving the graveyard and the memorial,” remembered Jonathan. “My mother was killed on impact, in a wreck. I saw my mom take her last breath before I coded out.”

Jonathan was taken to the hospital after the crash. He told News 2, he had coded twice while in the hospital but remembers waking up and asking for his mother. The family told him, she had passed while he was in the hospital.

Late Monday night, relief came for the Clark family in the form of justice. Police arrested 25-year-old Christopher Fields for Jajuan’s murder. Officers were called to Field’s residence after a relative of his reported him performing threatening behavior. When they arrived, Fields confessed to Jajuan’s murder.

“It really says a lot about the circumstances and the times that we’re living in. It really, it really just paints a picture that we got to be on our p’s and q’s, and just be watchful, and that’s just the time and the era we’re living in,” said Jonathan.

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Since the death of both Jajuan and his mother, the family has created a foundation in both of their names. The Jajuan Clark Foundation & The Clark Legacy is aimed at supporting the community on a global and national level, especially in violence, murder victims and the homeless community.