NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Nashville Fire Department said they are now having their personnel lock their vehicles after two ambulances were stolen in separate incidents over the weekend.

According to the fire department, a man stole Medic 28 from TriStar Summit Medical Center in Hermitage on Saturday. The same day, Medic 29 was stolen after first responders took a medical call on Ben Allen Road.

Both ambulances were recovered and the alleged thieves are facing multiple charges.

On the following Tuesday, councilmembers asked NFD how these thefts even happened in the first place.

“This is something that doesn’t happen and has happened twice in one day within an hour probably of each other,” said Deputy Director of EMS Operations Fred Smith. “So, we’ve reached out to other services across our region, and there are some pretty neat little devices that we can put on our ambulances that we’re investigating now.”

However, councilmember Delishia Porterfield had a simpler suggestion.

“Do y’all lock the doors?” Porterfield asked. “Because that might help prior to, you know, buying more equipment.”

Smith responded they now make sure all ambulance doors are locked, but also explained they have to keep their ambulances running because the batteries aren’t able to handle being continuously switched on and off.

“Now, we get anywhere on the scene of a patient’s call or in the hospital’s parking lot…we lock the ambulance,” Smith said.