NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — While the proposal for a $2.1 billion new stadium for the Tennessee Titans was just made Monday, we’re already getting some insight into the design concept.

Titans President and CEO, Burke Nihill answered questions from the media about the project.

While the plans are not set in stone yet, Nihill said they got a head start on the architecture because they needed to know if the new stadium would fit in the parking lot that’s just east of Nissan Stadium.

Here are five key takeaways on the stadium design concept:

  1. The stadium will be domed without a retractable roof. Nihill said retractable roofs don’t get used enough. He said it could have a translucent roof like the stadium in Los Angeles with ventilation for a cross breeze.
  2. The stadium will have optimal seating between 55,000-60,000 capacity, which is suitable for a super bowl. There are plans for about 170 luxury suites.
  3. The new plans hope to provide a much better viewing experience, as the upper deck of the new building will fall halfway into where club level currently is, so it would be closer.
  4. There will be an artificial turf playing surface. Nihill added they are excited about the new technologies in artificial turf from a safety perspective.
  5. When it comes to parking, there could also be plans for a transit station in one corner of the stadium.

The new agreement between the city and the Titans will result in a new 30-year lease. At the end of the lease, Metro will own the stadium.

If the plan is approved construction could start as soon as next year with the stadium being completed by 2026.

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Metro will get 66 acres of land back, including the old stadium, which will be demolished as covered in the $2.1 billion proposal.