NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nightscape experience, located on 12th Avenue North between Church Street and Broadway, is a portal to places around the world thanks to state-of-the-art 360-degree projection and decor to match.

“We can take you from the vineyard, into the grand lobby, into the wine cellar, out to the garden and everywhere we go you’re kind of experiencing a different inside, outside, different colors, different sounds. Even when you’re outside, in the venue, for example, you hear birds chirping as they fly around and leaves rustling,” explained founder and CEO, Mike Weinberg.

The two-hour experience includes a seasonally-inspired five-course tasting menu. There’s even a custom cocktail menu.

“Italian Villa was curated by Zane Dearien of Pastaria and Zane just is incredible and makes amazing food,” Weinberg said.

The space will continue to morph throughout the year into new locations and food experiences. The concept, three years in the making, will open to guests Friday. Weinberg, who lives in Nashville, is ready to drink it all in.

“I think Nashville really appreciates, you know, being blown away like that,” he said, “and appreciates that more than a lot of cities. I’m thrilled for people who live here, people who are visiting here to get that opportunity to be taken on a journey like that.”

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The experience costs $129 per person.