NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville Electric Service costumers are crossing their fingers waiting for the lights to come back on.  

In West Nashville, it was Day 6 of no power for neighbors.   

Just under 1,000 NES customers remain without power after over 100,000 customers were impacted by Friday’s storms.   

 “Never have I in my entire life gone this long without power,” Dylan Moore said. 

News 2 spoke to several neighbors in The Nations who said it’s been a challenging couple of days because they work from home.  

“I can’t just pick up and go to a Starbucks as an audio engineer. So, yeah, it’s been difficult,” Kyle Perrin said. 

He said Friday’s storms were aggressive, but he wasn’t expecting this aftermath.   

“Everything was just chaos. A poll broke, a tree broke, all the wires are down, the transformer just went insane. I think that was the most stressful 48 hours because we didn’t know how dangerous it was, if power was cut to those lines, or if was still cut to the ground,” Perrin said.  

And now days later, neighbors are still assessing the damage.   

“I was actually just throwing all the food away. It is all ruined at this point as we haven’t had any power,” Moore said.  

As of Wednesday night, all hands are on deck to restore power as crews even came in from Florida, North Carolina and Georgia.  

“Yeah, it’s just really been a waiting game. I don’t think really anyone knew how long it was going to be. Obviously there were people that were worse off than we were,” Moore said  

The good news is that Dylan and Kyle’s power was restored after speaking with news.  

NES said since Friday’s storms, crews worked to replace 183 broken power polls.