NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It was Day 4 without power for several thousands of residents throughout Middle Tennessee.  

At one point Friday, Nashville Electric Service alone was dealing with well over 100,000 reported outages. 

On Monday night, News 2 spoke with NES customers waking up without power Monday morning.  

“We are looking now at $1,000 worth of food that is now destroyed. It’s been four days and we haven’t seen a single NES truck,” one resident said.  

On Monday, the power company was under strain. NES reported that there are 135 broken poles, including one in East Nashville.  

“We made it through the storm all fine, then 6 a.m. Saturday we heard a huge crash. We looked outside and saw the pole was down,” one East Nashville resident said. 

East Nashville neighbors said they’re going on Day 3 of no power after a car slammed into a pole.  

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Davidson County, one resident said they’ve been through this many times before.  

“Pretty much anytime there is high wind or a thunderstorm, we lose power out here, and it’s a two to three-day response pretty much every time,” Moses said.