DAVIDSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – “I’ll take my chances, and if I get killed, I’ll just get killed,” Louan Brown said.  

It’s a risk this Nashville neighbor takes every day living on Elm Hill Pike.  

Brown said she has witnessed countless tragic incidents around her yard in the 40 years she has lived on the property.

In response, Metro Councilmember Russ Bradford has organized a town hall for Saturday, Feb. 11, to address concerns with neighbors, police, and the Nashville Department of Transportation. 

“These are catastrophic, horrific wrecks. They’re not just fender benders. That doesn’t even count the fender benders where they rear end each other. They top the hill doing 60,” Brown said. 

Back in January, Metro police said the driver of a car was speeding and hit a tree. The car went up in flames.

“And the jaws of life had to cut him out, and he’s still fighting for his life in Vanderbilt. The flames were 40 feet tall in that tree,” Brown said. 

In November 2021, News 2 crews captured the aftermath of a car versus bus crash that left one person dead.

Brown said what makes the road so dangerous is the blind hill to the left of her home, and the shoulder of the road that is deteriorating; however, that’s not all.  

“The speed and the recklessness has increased exponentially on this property. It is unbelievable,” Brown said.  

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Brown said her suggestions have continued to fall on deaf ears. 

“We’ve begged them to put radar. We’ve offered our property up here on the hill as a site to sit the radar. They can hide behind our persimmon tree. It’s a good hidden area,” Brown explained. “We’ve offered, we’ve begged them to come.”

According to Bradford’s Facebook event page, Saturday’s town hall meeting is in response to the fiery crash last month.  

Bradford also extended invitations to the area’s state representative and senator, as well as the Tennessee Department of Transportation.  

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The town hall meeting is Saturday at noon at Whitworth Memorial Baptist Church.