NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Several neighbors in East Nashville voiced concerns Sunday following reports of fliers that appeared to display messages coming from the Ku Klux Klan. 

News 2 spoke with residents who noticed folded up sheets of paper with messages issued by the “Trinity White Knights” along Lischey Avenue.

“It is weird, it is disturbing. I walk around here all the time, so it is concerning,” said Karlena Mayfield, who was out for a walk.  

Other community members were disturbed by the fliers’ proximity to Trinity Lane.  

“I didn’t know groups like this still existed, especially in this area, and the fact that it’s Trinity is even more disturbing because it’s so close,” East Nashville resident Seth McConnell said.  

Some said they weren’t surprised seeing such messages in the South. However, they wouldn’t expect these fliers in their neighborhood.  

“Inside Davidson County, it’s a little bit more surprising because of just, I would say, the convergence of diversity that we have in the city, which kind of makes it much more concerning because people feel like they can encroach on that here,” explained Grant Jenkins, another East Nashville resident.  

Some neighbors urged others to review their surveillance cameras, yet others weren’t sure how far police could take an investigation due to freedom of speech.   

McConnell hopes neighbors will dispose of any more fliers they come across, saying, “If you see it, tear it down and throw it away.”

Meanwhile, Jenkins hopes local residents will respond with signs sporting messages of inclusion.

“That does not represent East Nashville,” he said. “Clearly someone is trying to either stoke fear or send some kind of a message, but that does not represent who we are in East Nashville.”

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News 2 reached out to the Metro Nashville Police Department, asking if authorities are investigating who left the fliers, but we have yet to hear back.

It’s not clear if the East Nashville fliers are related to the ones reported by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky. However, they do appear to have the same phone number.