NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Flying bullets in one Madison neighborhood left neighbors scrambling for cover.

Just before 9 p.m. Monday, more than a dozens shots were fired out of a car near 4th Avenue and Elm Street in the Forest Park area, according to neighbors.

“We heard like one incredibly loud bang and it sounded like somebody hitting [the window] with a baseball bat, and then we froze and looked at each other and then there was just a rapid sound of that again, over and over an over,” a neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified for safety reasons, told News 2.

Terrified, the couple quickly took cover.

“We jumped to the floor and we liked crawled out of the room on our hands and knees into like a room just further away and sat there; our hearts were beating fast. It was very scary. It sounded like somebody was basically busting through the window,” he explained.

He called police and then his neighbor.

“She said she saw a black car pulling up and a guy walking, and the gunfire coming out of the car. We assumed there would be a body lying out there, honestly.”

However, he discovered shattered glass and found his girlfriend’s car had been hit multiple times.

“There were four bullet holes in the car, one through the roof, one through the rear driver’s side window. There was a bullet hole through the driver’s side sideview mirror and through the window,” he explained.

This served as a stark realization for the couple that was sitting just feet away from where police recovered more than a dozen shell casings.

“We are very lucky. There’s a lot of families around here. It’s very scary to think it could have went south real quick.”

The victim told News 2 they’ve had some petty thefts in the neighborhood, but never an incident like this, saying it’s changed their day to day actions in their own home and they are considering moving.

Metro police tell News 2 that two men walking in the area were shot at in the drive-by shooting. Fortunately, no one was found injured.

One neighbor said the suspects vehicle was a black sedan, occupied by two males. Anyone who may have information or video of the drive-by shooting is asked contact police.