BELLEVUE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Forty-seven acres of land is what brought Dana Ayres to Bellevue 13 years ago. However, her time operating the Harpeth Bend Farm off Morton Mill Road could soon come to an end.

“They [the horses] lose a home; I have to relocate; I might have to sell some of them, which I never thought I would have to do,” Ayres said.

Two years ago, she learned about Ariza Bellevue, a proposed 44-acre project that would place a 417 unit apartment complex right on her farm.

“My landlord would always tell me, ‘Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it, it’s going to be a farm forever,’ so I was disappointed,” said Ayres. “I’ve been kind of frustrated with the two year long fight.”

Neighbors like Jim Rossi said this fight is far from over.

“We’re not going anywhere,” he said.

It was at a Metro Planning meeting in March when a question was posed: What would this development look like in 3D?

Neighbors asked an architect to draw up designs of what Ariza Bellevue could like based on the current project and nearby building specifications.

The proposed rendering of the Ariza Bellevue development neighbors asked an architect to put together. (Source: Bellevue Strong)

“I felt as if it was a much more imposing structure than I anticipated,” said Rossi. “The kind of structure that would clearly be visible.”

Ariza Bellevue developer Alan Thompson saw the renderings and disagreed with what was drawn.

“We don’t feel like it’s a fair portrayal for one part of what the property is presenting,” he said. “We feel like the buildings are way oversized in terms of height.”

The renderings depict the development against heavy flooding, drawing a comment from Thompson.

“They show a bridge coming across the Harpeth River and connecting to Coley Davis, and it’s not under water, and that’s exactly what we’re proposing to do is create an access point that during a catastrophic flood, it will not go under water and it will connect to a newly-raised Coley Davis Road that will also not go under water because of the improvements we proposed to make.”

In January, developers announced they would address community concerns like promising to make and pay for improvements to Coley Davis Road and building a bridge.

They also proposed utilizing a portion of Morton Mill Road that runs to Ayres’ farm as an access for emergency vehicles, but Ayres said that road isn’t safe.

“I had a house fire one time and the fire truck bottomed out on the tracks, so they had to back it up and bring another piece of equipment in,” she recalled. “It’s just not a safe crossing to be called an emergency crossing.”

However, when Ayres looks at all that land, she said she just can’t imagine an apartment complex being there.

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“It needs to stay green,” she said. “It just needs to be a piece of property that stays like it is, and it’s so dangerous to build on it.”

Thompson shared a new rendering depicting a more accurate scale of the apartment building size that would be close to neighbors.

A proposed image of what the Ariza Bellevue apartment units will look like (Source: Alan Thompson)

According to Thompson, the developers have perspective renderings, but they are looking at putting together more 3D images of the entire development.

Members of the Metro Planning Commission will vote to give their recommendation about this development at their next meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, May 11.