NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – High wind on Friday, March 3, knocked out power for tens of thousands of Nashville Electric Service customers in Middle Tennessee.

Whites Creek resident Tawanna Tibbs said she was in the dark for nearly a week.

“It’s been frustrating,” said Tibbs. “I’m a patient person, but days on end? Day after day after day?” 

Along her dead end street, she said power was almost immediately restored for all but three homes, including hers. She said they put in numerous calls and outage reports to NES; however, with no immediate action, the delay in repairs became costly.

Tibbs said she threw away two garbage bags worth of food that went bad and also purchased new meals and a row of propane tanks.

“I’m sitting over here out of food, out of money because I’ve had to pay for stuff for these last past almost five days,” said Tibbs. “For us to be a ‘volunteer state’, and me living in the state all my life just about, and then when I ask for help, this is what I get?”

She said she did not feel prioritized because it was a small number of residents impacted.

NES said about 183 poles were broken in Friday’s weather and over 130 crews were out responding to outages.

Tibbs had her power restored Thursday evening, March 9.

At the time of publishing, the NES outage map shows about 30 customers in Davidson County without power.