NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a costly mistake: firearms are showing up at an alarming rate at the Nashville International Airport.  

Mark Howell, Regional Spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), told News 2 in the last six months 97 firearms have been seized at the Nashville airport.

Last year, Atlanta led the country with 507 firearms screened by TSA. Nashville was number 5 on the list in 2021 with 162 guns confiscated.  

Howell said while it may seem like an absent-minded mistake, there are heavy ramifications.  

He said last year $3,000 to $4,000 civil penalty fines were given out, but they can range up to $13,000.

He added while they were seeing an uptick here in Music City, this was a trend in most open carry states. 

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“We do see a disproportionate number of guns here in Tennessee per passenger,” Howell said. “I would say almost 99.9 percent of the time the excuse we get is, ‘Oops! I forgot it was in the bag,’ or, ‘I forgot to take it out of the bag.'”

A fine is not the only thing you could face for bringing a gun to the airport: if you are a member of TSA Pre-Check you will also lose your status if you were to walk in with your firearm.  

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If you would like to travel with your firearm you’re asked to check it at your airline ticket counter. Click here to see how you can safely pack and travel with a firearm.