NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Potholes are a well-documented problem in Middle Tennessee.

Like the state, the Nashville Department of Transportation spends a lot of time patching them in the city.

“I mean, there are various roads throughout the county that seem to have a little more potholes than others,” said Phillip Jones, the Assistant Director for NDOT.

If you’ve driven past a pothole on 8th and 9th Avenue North, Tulip Grove Road in Hermitage, or Tusculum Road in Antioch, and asked yourself, ‘Why are there always potholes?’ you’re not alone.

These are the roads that NDOT said are the most prone to potholes and have received the most amount of calls.

“We had areas like that that we went out and did some base repairs this summer that will help us get through the winter until we get it resurfaced. So we’ve done some permanent repairs so we won’t be dealing with many potholes,” Jones said.

In October, NDOT crews repaired 1,700 potholes, and already repaired about 1,500 potholes this month alone.

However, Jones said they are not aware of any potholes that need to be fixed right now, and all repair requests have been completed on their end.

“We take all dispatch potholes that come in daily and we get those completed the same day.”

“Potholes are a serious thing here lately. I mean I hit one on the way to work this morning and I said, ‘Boy I wish they would fill that pothole.’ It just jars your teeth, and if the car feels that much and you feel it, you know it’s bent your wheel or busted a tire,” said Aaron Lane, a manager at Bass Tire Company.

Nashville’s pothole problem has led to many busted tires and wheels, an issue that Bass Tire Company said they see daily.

“An average of 5 to 10 times a day of pothole damage…and it can get very costly, very costly on that, but we see it daily,” Lane said.

If you see a pothole you think needs to be fixed, you can report it on hubNashville by calling 311 or (615) 862-5000.