NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For the last six years, guitars have been brought back to life thanks to Roger Dugger.

“We’re usually a month or two backlogged for setups and repairs, and some take longer than that,” he said.

Growth has not only expanded his business, but the neighborhood around it.

“Its some fantastic things happening and changes, and with that there are struggles, because you’ve got a lot more traffic,” said Dugger.

It wasn’t long after Dugger moved into his repair shop on 51st Avenue in West Nashville that he soon noticed a bike lane popping up in front of his shop.

“I watched them put this bike lane in and I was like, ‘What is that going to be?” he said. “It looks pretty cool, and I was kind of sad that it wasn’t utilized as much with the bicycles, because that is a nice lane.”

However, after hearing feedback from the community, the Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) was back out this week refreshing the cycle track.

“It’s one thing to have bike lanes,” said Wesley Smith. “It’s great to see that they’re being maintained.”

Smith is part of Walk Bike Nashville and said making these necessary improvements is not only a benefit to cyclists, but also helps improve the community.

“When you build streets for all modes, you’re also building a great environment for businesses,” he said. “Look at the street and what it looked like. It’s not a coincidence that when you make pedestrian and bikeway improvements, that it’s a win win win all around.”

Smith said from 46th to 51st streets, there were three pedestrian fatalities within three months last year.

Dugger said while the bike lane is nice, improvements are also needed for those who travel down this street by foot.

“I see a lot of people walking,” he said. “A lot of families, a lot of people with doggies and things like that. Not too many bikes, but a few bicycles in the bike lane. More pedestrians than anything.”

While NDOT said they will continue to improve bicycle infrastructure across the city, Dugger said that, along with more sidewalks are needed, as people continue to flock to Nashville.

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“This city needs to catch up,” he said. “With the influx of people, we just weren’t ready for all the people that would be out on the streets with these cars and drivers.”

NDOT said maintenance is part of their ongoing work to keep bicycle infrastructure in good condition across the city of Nashville.