NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —With inflation, the cost of living and just about everything on the rise, the idea of the side hustle is becoming more and more appealing to many people, especially women. A Nashville author knows this all too well and she’s taken her experience and put it into a book.

Nashvillian Julie Solomon has a new book deal, a successful business and a podcast, but all of this, did not come easily. “I had a lot of mindset and a lot of limiting beliefs,” says Solomon. “I was a new mom in a new city by myself. I had a lot I needed to get to the other side of to see what was possible,” she said.

On top of all that, she found herself in more than $30,000 worth of debt. Solomon was desperate to hide it all from her family and to fix it. “The solutions were always outside of me. It was always going to be that person’s responsibility or that thing or that idea would come in and save me from myself. It kept me in this state of delusion and denial,” said Solomon.

She was finally forced to face her problem and find a solution on her own. “I had to start digging in, I started to read a lot, get help, I went to therapy. I called on financial consultants and advisors to help me understand, at least on a conceptual level how to show up as a boss how to start managing my money, my finances, my forecasting, my time, my energy, on top of being a mom.”

She ended up learning much more. She saw what she was capable of and passionate about, coaching creators, small business owners and anyone really, who wants to own their brand and create something special. Solomon started the “Influencer Podcast,” created online courses and slowly but surely, she got out of debt and found her purpose. Now, she put it all in a book called, “Get What You Want: How to Go from Unseen to Unstoppable.”

“That’s what you find in the book, it’s a step-by-step on finding out what your purpose is, using that purpose, how to really niche down, be clear on your goals, and what you should focus on. Then the blueprint I have in the book to give them that step-by-step to pitch themselves to getting themselves out there and building that network and community they need for that long term.”

Solomon calls the book a “no regret manual” and offers real advice anyone can utilize. The book is now available on Amazon.