NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Traffic congestion is costing Nashville commuters time, money, and gas, a stark combination that commuters want addressed.

“I’m not surprised at all. Traffic is a nightmare and creates all sorts of headaches,” Joan Proaden said. “Rush hour only makes you lose patience.”

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has released a report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute that states traffic congestion is costing Nashville commuters $1,465. They attribute that to a combination of time, money, and gas.

From 2020-21, the U.S. Census Bureau reported 36 people move to the Nashville region a day. That number is only expected to rise and several people suggested ways to improve traffic congestion.

“The growth of Nashville is amazing, but the roads can be a little bit narrow,” Camille Brown said. “Widening the roads and doing the construction at night would help us.”

“If we had better public transportation, I would use that,” longtime resident Annie Williams said. “I’ve been to Portland, Oregon and it was so easy to step on a bus.”

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TDOT believes the best solution to fixing traffic congestion in Tennessee’s urban areas is through choice lanes, which they push through the proposed Transportation Modernization Act.

Still, the issues of congestion are something people want addressed.