NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A teen accused of violently robbing a tourist at a downtown short-term rental is now behind bars.

Metro police believe 19-year-old Jabauri Perry followed the victim from a bar before attacking and robbing the man from Florida.

The details are frightening to tourists and residents at the Riverfront Condominiums on 1st Avenue North, a location marketed for its close proximity to downtown and riverfront views. Many were too scared to speak to News 2 on camera.

An employee told News 2 about 95 percent of the condos are rented through short-term rental sites.

“I come from Chicago, Illinois. I come to Nashville to get away from the environment that I came from and I love it here,” Duvere Bishop told News 2.

For the last two nights, Bishop has stayed at the Riverfront Condos without fear.

“We have an Airbnb here. We stayed here for two days. It was cool, it was wonderful, had no problems,” he explained.

It’s a much different story for the man visiting from Florida on December 13. The victim believes he was followed from a bar, saying two suspects showed up at his AirBNB to rob him. The suspects reportedly pulled a knife on him, hit him across the face with a bottle, threw him to the ground and held him there while they urinated and poured alcoholic drinks on him.

According to an arrest warrant, the victim heard the suspects debating on if they should kill him, and at one point, they tried to get him to jump off the balcony before taking off with his wallet, phone and car.

“That’s scary,” said Bishop, who added that he will be keeping an extra eye out for any suspicious activity in the area.

Metro police were able to track Perry after he used the victim’s Amazon and iPhone Cloud accounts. Investigators also used a pawn shop asset search engine to track the stolen phone at an EcoATM, which captured a photo of Perry who was arrested Tuesday.

Police are now investigating if Perry is connected to other crimes in the area. They aren’t releasing his photo at this time pending a line-up with other victims. Metro police say no other suspects have been identified, but the investigation continues.

An Airbnb spokesperson sent a statement to News 2 about the incident, saying, “This violent criminal behavior is abhorrent, and we are in contact with both the Host and guest to offer them support during this time.”