NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Florida residents are bracing for Hurricane Ian which is expected to reach Category 4 strength and hit the state’s coastline Wednesday.

Catching a flight to Florida may become more challenging in the next couple of days as the hurricane barrels towards the gulf coast.

On Monday, mandatory and voluntary evacuations were issued around Tampa Bay. 

The majority of people that spoke to News 2 on Monday said the plan is to shelter in place; however, others said they will evacuate considering it’s been a while since Tampa has experienced a major hurricane.

At BNA, it was a mad rush for Floridians to get back to Tampa so they can board up their home and find a place to shelter.

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“And luckily enough for us in Tampa, we’ve avoided some of the more serious storms. But you never know, but the thing could turn, do a quick hook, then we are right in the line of it,” Daniel Morris said.

A BNA official told news 2 that this week there are six daily flights to Tampa.

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In anticipation of canceled or delayed flights, officials recommend that you check in with your airline.