NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Job numbers are growing and it’s a buyers market for anyone looking for a job – but disappointing statistics still remain for women in the corporate world – who make, on average, 80-cents on every dollar to their male counterparts. People are leaving their jobs and growing their side hustles, too. In fact, female entrepreneurs are starting 4 out of every 10 businesses. Despite all of that, many women struggle to find a mentor.

This week in Nashville, the goal of a new summit will try to change that. “The Renaissance Women’s Summit” will be held Thursday at the Wond’ry at Vanderbilt, presented by “Boss Talks.”

The summit will have about 20 keynote speakers on topics like starting a business, social media marketing, branding, financial and legal matters, influencer marketing, hiring and so much more.

Financial decisions are a big point of focus for one speaker, Jewel Tankard, who says it’s so important to take charge and gain confidence in money matters. “Women can expect women empowerment, women entrepreneurs, because we are in a day and time where women are thriving. It’s the day of the woman, but so many women are insecure about their financial decisions and economically we are still not equal to what men do at the workplace, whether it’s at a job or even in business. I want women to really gain a confidence that they deserve to have a seat at the table,” said Tankard, who is the founder of “The Millionairess Club.”

Entrepreneur Rachel Kennedy who is the founder of the “Curated SEO Method” will be speaking about her personal experience. “If I was starting out as a business owner and entrepreneur and I had some sort of blue print to follow, it would have helped me avoid so many pitfalls,” said Kenney. “I would have realized there are so many things that do not matter when you are first starting out, and learning what your niche is, who your audience is and then really learning how to connect with them and speak their language is a core must-need thing for your business. I really think it is going to help create a cornerstone for someone’s business entrepreneurial journey and really their blueprint for going forward in their business.”

This is the first year for this event in Nashville, but it’s already been given the green light for next year. Sydney Dozier, who is the CEO of Renaissance Marketing Group, is one of the businesses hosting the summit. She said the event is for women in all walks of life. “They just wanna know how can we level up our career, how can we level up what we are doing at home with our children’s. We have stay at home moms that are coming, we have women who are thinking of leaving the corporate world and starting a business, but they haven’t even done that yet, but they say this would be the thing for me to attend to start a business. We really want people to leave and say, ok I’m scared but I am going to do this anyway because I have these resources and these women that will catch me if I fall and lend their hand to me and that’s really our goal,” said Dozier.

“We will be cultivating women to ask questions, get inquisitive,” says Tankard, who also wants women to be able to negotiate big decisions and even better salaries. “(We want women) to go back and ask and say, why did you guys make a decision on this, I don’t agree with this. If you don’t agree with something speak up and say it.”

Other speakers include Brittany Driscoll the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Squeeze, Bonnie Kirby, the founder of Well-Dressed Nashville, lifestyle bloggers Jasmine Sweet, Ashley Wilson and Natasha Stoneking, Nashville entrepreneurs India Mayer and Katy Shah and so many more.

Tickets are already sold out but virtual passes are still available. Click here for more information.