NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Davidson County saw a mix of weather conditions Sunday. 

In West Nashville there was a little snow in the early morning hours, followed by several hours of rain and about an hour of sleet before it transitioned back to snowfall. By late afternoon, the snow stopped falling.

News 2 caught up with a driver from out of state whose flight was canceled because of the weather. Paul Huynh told News 2 thankfully there weren’t many drivers out as there were some slick spots.

“I saw one car and police on the side of the road and it must have spun out and got a little wrecked, but people are keeping their distance and driving slow so that’s good. Not many cars out there though so I think that’s safer. We are from Houston, Texas so Spring, North of Houston so we are not used to this, so this is kind of a nice surprise. It looks beautiful, but the driving conditions can be a little tricky if you are not careful,” Huynh explained.

Around noon on Interstate 440 East near the West End exit, a FedEx driver wrecked, hitting a pole. The driver appeared okay, while the truck was towed from the scene.

“I think on the interstates, avoid the outside lane. Seems like they haven’t been scraped or plowed. I don’t know if there is any plows out here, so it’s starting to thicken up a little bit so most people are staying in the middle lanes. That way, the engine heat from the cars keeps it kind of wet,” said Huynh.

A number of TDOT trucks were out on the interstate and on secondary roads Sunday. Officials told News 2 they are continuing to plow and treat roads across the region. While they’ve been able to keep most interstates clear, there are still some patches of snow and slush in Davidson County. As for the surrounding counties that saw significant snow, TDOT crews continue working to keep main routes clear.