NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Runners across the country are hosting Friday events in memory of Eliza Fletcher. The mother and kindergarten teacher was abducted during an early morning run one week ago, and later killed in Memphis, TN.

The Nashville Running Company hosted a 4:30AM run outside their store on Woodlands Street. This is the same time that Fletcher was running, before her abduction.

Dozens of runners came to finish Eliza’s race and share their grief in her death. Many wore reflective clothes and brought their dogs to run with them.

“It felt like a loss of one of our own and I know women runners in general are dealing with grief, helplessness, despair and fear, “Nashville Running Company spokeswoman Beth Meadows says. “I thought this run would be important to bring women together and guys as well, to just empower them and take some of that fear back.”

Both Meadows and other runners believe this is the time to stand up against violence toward women and harassment. They stressed that no one should feel nervous about running, and that it’s important to speak up about the issue.

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The loss of Eliza Fletcher hit the hearts of runners across the country. Through these runs and other events, they hope to keep her memory alive.