NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Metropolitan Nashville Community Oversight Board is pushing for an audit after officials realized Metro police sent them edited bodycam video.

The board now wants to find out whether other videos have been edited.

This goes back to 2021 when someone filed a complaint with the Community Oversight Board.

The board said one of MNPD’s officers was disrespectful.

The oversight board requested documents from the police, including body camera footage of the interaction. Police Chief John Drake said in a report that the officer used profanity.

Jill Fitcheard, head of Metro Nashville Community Oversight, discovered there was no profanity in the bodycam video. She realized it had been edited out by a Metro employee.

“The clip was done very skillfully, and the conversation just continues like nothing ever happened,” said Jill Fitcheard. “So, of course, that draws red flags because now I don’t know if we have to go back and look over the many, many cases that we’ve had to determine if the video footage we had in the past had any of those types of editing.”

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News 2 reached out to MNPD about the video in question and received the following statement:

“In 2021, a supervisor became aware that a civilian employee was redacting profanity from body worn camera video, not just by police officers but by civilians as well, for all public requests including the MNCO. The employee was immediately told to stop redacting profanity and did so.

The MNCO brought one of these redacted videos to our attention this year. In that case, use of profanity by an officer was sustained, meaning he had used profanity. The MNCO did not see/hear the profanity which is why they reported the instance to us. I think it is important to note that these redactions did not alter the investigation involving the officer and does not alter the original video.

There is an MNPD review/investigation into the matter.

It is also important to note that the District Attorney’s Office has unredacted access to BWC footage and that this employee was making the profanity redactions for public requests only.”

MNPD Spokesperson