NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As the National Crime Victims’ Rights Week kicks off, a Nashville nonprofit is working to improve resources for victims.

Crime doesn’t discriminate. That’s why Cathy Gurley, CEO of You Have the Power, has created more important resources for victims.

“If you become a victim of crime, it is like being drugged in a foreign land where you don’t know the terms, you don’t know the community, you don’t know what’s expected, or what is available to you,” said Gurley.

The nonprofit offers written resources in a range of languages covering many topics. It’s a crime survivors guide, requested often.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has called on the group to help make a Mandarin version of a human trafficking awareness guide.

“The light in the woman’s eyes when he was able to hand her something in her own language, really helped with the process of becoming detangled from her trafficking.”

Irma Paz-Bernstein is a native Spanish speaker. She knows the impact communicating in a victims’ native language can have.

“Even if you know another language, when you are communicated through your native language then it’s at a different level. It’s at a deeper level. It’s at a deeper understanding,” she explained.

Before joining You Have the Power, Paz-Bernstein said she had no idea the level of crime happening in the community – right under her nose.

“If we all just peek into that reality, even if it’s not our reality, I think it reminds us that it very easily could be, and then what do we do about it?” she questioned.

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You Have the Power has been providing victim resources since 1995. You can learn more about the nonprofit and how you can get involved by clicking on this link.